Laboratories and Residences



UNDER 25 Routes starts with this laboratory that will draw the conceptual framework of the project such as research in ( new ) languages ​​and (new ) dramaturgies, ( new ) audiences and the relationship with public, and ( new ) spaces for residence.

To open the discussion on these questions we propose facilitators from different work: the creation, support of the creative processes (residences) and the research into new audiences and working with them. The experts who will take part in this process are: Cristina Blanco, Bea Fernandez (La Poderosa), Roger Bernat, Agost Produccions and La Dula.

The format of the laboratory will be theoretical-practical and will combine internal sessions with open sessions.


  • Tuesday 28th June, from 5,30 pm to 8,30pm: OPEN SOURCE with Cristina Blanco
  • Wednesday 29th June, from 10,30 am to 1,30 pm: TO BE BETWEEN BEING WITHIN with Bea Fernández
  • Friday 1st July, from 18,30pm to 20,30pm: PUBLIC/ AUDIENCE with Roger Bernat, Agost Produccions and La Dula


Participates in laboratories


OPEN SOURCE with Cristina Blanco

Cris Blanco works in performing arts and cinema.

She makes her own pieces since 2003, such as cUADRADO_fLECHA_pERSONA qUE cORRE, “The Set Up” with Cuqui jerez, María Jerez, Amaia Urra and Gilles Gentner. ciencia_ficción, The Vortex Agitator, and Bad Translation with Javier Cruz, Óscar Bueno, Amaranta Velarde and Cris Celada.

The transformation of codes and objects, the mixing of theatrical genres, low tech, obvious tricks, science fiction and dramatic conventions all are related to her work.

She also works as a dramaturge in some other artists’ works and takes part in some education projects in several art centers.

She is a member of the music bands The Elements and CALOR.



Begin from any part.

I propose the sharing of some referents, concepts, and tools that I use in my works (or that motivate me to begin working) with the objective that the assistants use them, dissect them, and/or find their own.



Beatriz Fernández. Dancer, choreographer, researcher, and curator

Cofounder of the Las Santas collective, Beatriz is member of ARTAS and the artistic co-director of La Poderosa, a space of creation and research in the world of dance in Barcelona.

Ciudad de Barcelona 2015 award winner in the field of dance.

Bachelor’s degree holder in contemporary dance and choreography at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona amplifying her studies at the Center for Movement Research in New York City; she works as an interpreter with Danat Danza and collaborates frequently with the choreographer, Carmelo Salazar, participating in numerous pieces like “Europa no es una Puta”, “Especiales”, and “El Salon Dorado”, among others. She has created the solos “Escorzo”, “I have a dream”, and “Cuerpo en Escena” in collaboration with Olga Mesa. In 2008 she developed a project centered on the figure of the interpreter as memory and live archive. The project is featured in the audiovisual document, Los Ques se Ven Entre Si and in the scenic piece, “Tres Personas, Todos los Cuerpos”.

Beatriz developed “Muy Experimental”, a project of investigation which culminated in the scenic piece, “Este Lugar Entre”.

Six years ago, she cultivated an academic research study involving investigation labs of the body directed towards student and professional dancers interested in the construction of the interpreter´s real-time presence.


I propose a time of finding of the body as a tool for the creation of new spaces of thought, and the observation of the body as subject of the action, and of play as a group learning and experiential device.

A meeting for the investigation that operates between academics and the performing arts:

To be between being within

Between meaning and sense

Intending to part away from the first to dive deeper into the latter


I propose the challenge of a practice that implies other times and other spaces… in the silence that we open and in the movement carried by the bodies, we will take the word.

A space and a time of an event which practices in a search and comprehension of the world and the ethical, political, and affective movements from the active experience of a body-person transitioning in a space-context and in a present-time.

We will practice a body that tasks a asks itself more than it affirms itself, that places itself in the place of uncertainty and puts holes this way in the previously conformed languages, recuperating the capacity to look, listen, say, do, and perceive from the common experience.



ROUND-TABLE: PUBLIC/ AUDIENCE, with Roger Bernat, Agost Produccions and La Dula

Roger Bernat. Uncompleted studies of painting and architecture. Graduated with the 1996 Institut del Teatre Extraordinary award from the Direction and Dramaturgy program of the Institut del Teatre, Barcelona. In 2008 he started creating performances in which the audience takes the stage and becomes the protagonist.«Spectators go through a device that invites them to obey or conspire and in any case, to pay with their own bodies and commit». His shows include Public Domain (2008), Purely Coincidental  (2009), The Rite of Spring  (2010),  Please Continue: Hamlet  (2011), Pending Vote (2012) Desplazamiento del Palacio de La Moneda  (2014) and Numax-Fagor-plus (2014), which have been performed in over twenty countries. In 2009 he published with Ignasi Duarte, Querido Público, El espectador ante la participación: jugadores, usuarios, prosumers y

Agost Produccions is a cultural organisation based in Barcelona. Since 2010 is developing activities to broaden audience experience beyond the artistic exchange, deepening and generating a more meaningful artistic impact. These activities took place in collaboration with Catalan artistic institutions as Mercat de les FLors, Festival Grec, La Seca-Espai Brossa, Temporada Alta, among

La Dula is a studio dedicated to the development of participatory processes and resources for local development, composed by the following sociologists: Lluís Benlloch and Mireia Lopez. Within this area, they have preferentially worked in the field of development and community revitalization, tools for local resource management and participatory urban planning.

In this sense, they have carried out various community projects in neighborhoods at risk of exclusion, as Escoltem Velluters, Plus Cabanyal in Valencia city, or activation plans at Park Raval (Algemesí). They have also made proposals for participatory urban planning as in the case of the Mobility Plan for Ontinyent and Guanyem la Partida, strategy for the revitalization of L’Horta Campanar-Benimàmet. Also they have broad experience in different participated diagnostics for the territory (Russafa, city of Sagunt) as well as social research, such as neighborhood youth associations in the city of Valencia.  La Dula is also part of the team dynamizing the strategy for Emergents.